Ciliegino tomato


Characteristic for its “cherry” aspect on a cluster in a herringbone pattern with small round fruit, and an excellent colour, the cherry tomato, is produced in the territory between Pachino and Portopalo di Capo Passero, where the special climatic – environmental conditions and the characteristics of the soil, have made it famous in Italy and abroad as “Pachino Tomato“.
The status that the “Pachino Tomato” has conquered on all the markets is due to the following factors:
• flavour;
• consistency of the pulp;
• brilliance of the fruit;
• long shelf life after harvest;

All intrinsic characteristics for which in 2002, the “Pachino Tomato” was awarded the PGI, (Protected Geographical Indication) by the European Community

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The term “protected geographical indication”, better known by the acronym IGP, indicates a mark of origin that is awarded by the European Union in those agricultural products and foodstuffs for which a given quality, reputation or other characteristic depends on the geographical source and the production, transformation and/or processing take place in a defined geographic area. To obtain the IGP, at least one phase of the production process must take place in a particular area. Those who produce IGP must follow the strict production rules set out in the product specification, and compliance with these rules is guaranteed by a specific monitoring organization.